Your brand is a living thing. Powered by human energy.

Your logo, strapline and strategy are important, but it’s your people that bring your brand to life in the real world. The physical things they do each and every day when interacting with your customers.

Brand Biology can help you effectively engage your employees to deliver exceptional customer experiences. We find the vital spark that gives your brand its energy. Then we help your people harness their individual strengths, to deliver your brand promise and delight your customers.


The vital spark

We find the vital human spark that gives your brand its energy. Then, through our bespoke training and engagement programmes, we bring that spark to life in a very human way. This gives your people the confidence, knowledge and power to deliver exceptional customer service.

We do it by getting to know you and applying our experience and knowledge.


Human engagement and interaction that delivers lasting change

Our methods are based on both sound science and engaging artistry. We are experts in a range of fields, but our focus is always on finding the human in every brand so your people can bring it to life.



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Their challenge
and our solution

Zurich is a global brand with a rich heritage and a reputation built on keeping its promise of helping customers protect the things they value. But in the fiercely competitive UK marketplace, the brand was struggling to deliver a differentiated service, and there was a danger that the pressure to sell was creating an internal culture where the wants and needs of the customer weren’t always first and foremost – at odds with the promise the Zurich brand makes and the expectations that creates.

What we
did for Zurich

Designed and delivered a customer experience programme, including:

customer experience, leadership and coaching events using our ActNatural concept, and a range of sustainability activities.

Conducted post-event evaluations and data analysis.

Don’t take our
word for it...

The results we’ve seen validate our ongoing aspiration to truly put the customer at the heart of our business. There is a relentless focus on listening to customers and more importantly, acting upon it – this passionate approach has demonstrated a continual improvement in key customer satisfaction measures.

Phil Ost, Director of Direct & Partnerships,
Zurich Personal Lines

Their challenge and
our solution

Red Funnel is the pivotal link between Southampton on the UK mainland and the popular holiday destination of the Isle of Wight. But with other routes and providers available, Red Funnel recognised that increasing their market share would require a competitive differentiator that went beyond price or convenience. So in 2014 Red Funnel defined its vision of becoming the customers’ choice and preferred partner to the Isle of Wight, and set about turning its aspiration into reality by creating an end-to-end customer experience that was second-to-none.

What we did for
Red Funnel:

Designed and delivered a series of communication events live from the Solent on-board Red Funnel’s flagship vessel the ‘Red Falcon’.

Captured the essence of Red Funnel’s new proposition in a promotional film that showed employees’ pride and passion in working for the brand.

Don’t take our
word for it...

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Name & Job title,
Red Funnel Ferries


In 2004 the turbulence caused by intensive international corporate transformation and far-reaching dealer network changes had seen Mercedes-Benz customer satisfaction scores plummet and its UK JD Power rating fall to 26th place. An ambitious improvement strategy was required to ensure that the message ‘prestige brand equals prestige customer service’ became a UK-wide reality.


We worked closely with Mercedes-Benz to put in place the strategy that would simultaneously address immediate customer service issues whilst ensuring long-term delivery of the brand promise. This culminated in the design and delivery of a groundbreaking programme to drive up the Mercedes-Benz customer experience.The programme launched with a roadshow that visited over 60 locations in the UK and Europe, candidly presenting the issues and the new strategy to an audience that, as the Mercedes-Benz leadership was well aware, had become disaffected by the recent difficulties.


Using customised conference trucks and multimedia presentation techniques, ‘Class Leaders on the Road’ was designed to bring about a significant mindset change in dealership management and staff. It opened with a glossy, ‘company propaganda’ film presentation that was immediately challenged during a brutally honest ‘telling it like it is’ intervention by a dealership technician (one of our Actor Consultants) planted in the audience.

Customers were then observed – in their bedroom –heatedly discussing a new car purchase. A true-to-life ‘warts and all’ visit to a re-created showroom followed.

All the action was interspersed with live interviews with Mercedes-Benz and dealership executives – and, of course, plenty of audience participation. Plans and improvements were presented and discussed. Audience views were listened to and acted upon.

These events reconnected with those attending, tapping into their fierce brand loyalty and winning support for the next part of the strategy, ‘Best In Class’ training events delivered by us to over 3,000 customer facing managers and staff throughout the UK. They were followed by specially adapted events for head office personnel and the development of ‘Class Leaders at Your Place’ short session training kits for delivery on-site by dealership managers.

As a result of the success of ‘Class Leaders on the Road’ and ‘Best in Class’, the strategy was extended to the Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle network with the roll-out of ‘In the Spotlight’ roadshows and management training events. Specially adapted ‘Best in Class’ events have also been staged for dealership personnel from across Europe at the headquarters of parent company Daimler AG in Stuttgart.


Between 2004 and 2009, internal customer satisfaction scores showed dramatic improvements and in the JD Power ratings the company climbed from 26th to 3rd place for service satisfaction and top spot for sales satisfaction.

The programme with Mercedes-Benz UK completed in 2010. Due to the sustainability which is key component of all the programmes we undertake, Mercedes-Benz UK remained at 3rd place in 2011 and in publication of the most recent JD Power Customer Survey results released in June 2014, the prestige brand had maintained its position.

Following the success of the UK programme, Mike Belk (Managing Director, Customer Services Group MBUK) was promoted to Chairman of Mercedes-Benz in the Middle East and Levant, and tasked with achieving a 50% uplift in sales across the region.

One of the first things he did after taking this role was bring Brand Biology over to the Middle East as a key component of his strategy for delivering against his target.


Grappling with an alarming 52 per cent staff churn within their call centre, British Gas Premier Energy division needed to radically transform in order to truly deliver their brand promise of ‘looking after your world’ – for both customers and employees alike. Rising prices affecting customers across the energy sector increased the need for British Gas to focus on enhancing the customer experience, in order to differentiate their service. The Premier Energy division, which deals with high value/high usage customers, wanted to increase market share and lower customer attrition by setting a new benchmark for service delivery at its Cardiff contact centre. They needed to fully engage their people to move the business away from a process-driven operation and up the energy suppliers’ complaints league. As with any call centre where procedure has become an over-riding priority, there was a need to return to basics and really focus on the human being at the end of the line.


Participants learnt to appreciate the power of personality – their own and that of others – during
ActNatural, in order to move away from a process-driven approach, improve their ability to connect
with the person they were talking to and really ‘look after their world’. Leaders were also able to apply
ActNatural techniques when coaching staff.

To really win the hearts and minds of employees, senior management needed to understand what was
at stake. Leaders got stuck into our hot seat sessions, where staff were free to ask the kinds of questions
that would really spark debate. We were able to capture feedback that led to a sea change – with the
business really committing to delivering its brand promise. This included revelations such as “I realise
I have been telling people what to do and need to show more sympathy”.


Prior to ‘Look Who’s Calling’, British Gas were failing to deliver on their brand promise. Over the following
months significant improvements were seen – their Net Promoter Score increased by 29%, average
call times reduced by 30-40 seconds and First Call Resolution increased to 80%.

The Cardiff operation was named European Call Centre of the Year and Most Improved Call Centre
2009. In 2010 it won the European Call Centre of the Year award for an unprecedented second year
running and has gone on to win numerous industr awards in subsequent years.


The Virgin Atlantic brand is synonymous with consistently high quality customer service delivery. When Virgin made their plans for the new Terminal 3 (T3) facility at Heathrow, London, they listened to what customers were saying and responded accordingly. While customers wanted to get through check-in as quickly and efficiently as possible, they didn’t want to sacrifice any of the warmth or the quality of service they’d come to expect from Virgin Atlantic, irrespective of whether they were travelling Economy or Upper Class.


We developed ‘T3 Futures’, a co-ordinated programme that not only matched Virgin Atlantic customers’ expectations, but also embodied its brand and met its new service ambitions. The challenge was, in four months, to design and deliver a brand new customer experience and leadership programme for over 600 front-line staff and managers.


We worked closely with Virgin Atlantic to design and deliver ‘T3 Futures’ and with it, a whole new way of working. The main focus was on equipping staff with the skills, confidence and mindset to work in the new self-service environment – dedicated to hosting customers rather than receiving them from behind a desk.


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