The challenge

Zurich is a global brand with a rich heritage, and a reputation built on keeping its promise of helping customers protect the things they value. However, in the fiercely competitive UK insurance market, the brand was struggling to deliver a differentiated service. There was a danger that the pressure to sell was creating an internal culture where the wants and needs of the customer weren’t always first and foremost. This was at odds with Zurich’s brand promise and the customer experience they wanted to deliver.

With regulatory pressure on the industry increasing, to ensure compliance, many of Zurich’s competitors were turning to a heavily-scripted approach to interacting with customers. This created an opportunity for a brand that offered a natural, personalised experience to really stand out.

By reaffirming their brand promise internally, and ensuring customers were at the heart of the business, Zurich recognised that they could deliver truly market-leading customer service. They set the wheels in motion with a number of initiatives to change their internal culture and processes, which started to improve customer satisfaction. However, the critical touch point of employees’ interactions with customers still needed improvement. That’s where our innovative employee training and engagement methods came in.



What we did

In short, we empowered employees to deliver an experience that customers value.

Our initial diagnostic and Zurich’s own customer research both showed that engagement on an individual level was something customers valued. Rather than introduce a scripted approach, our solution therefore built on what people do naturally.

The sole focus for this project was improving customer satisfaction. To do this, we knew we needed to achieve two key objectives:

  1. Engage frontline consultants and team leaders with Zurich’s customer-centric vision
  2. Give employees the knowledge, awareness and confidence to provide each customer with a truly personalised service

We designed and delivered a bespoke customer experience programme, including:

  • customer experience training, and leadership and coaching events, using our ActNatural® concept
  • post-event evaluations and data analysis
  • a range of ongoing activities to ensure the customer service improvements were sustainable

Following the success of the initial training and engagement events, the programme was also delivered to Zurich’s homes and motor claims divisions.

The results

The headline result was the achievement of Zurich’s brand mission: ‘customers who understand and are protected from risk’, plus:

  • customer comments and feedback improved from being 54% negative, to over 80% positive
  • in just 12 months, Zurich’s net promoter score® (NPS®) improved by over 60% – from 22.0 to 58.9
  • customer ease increased from 68.6% to 84.4%

The improvements in Zurich’s customer service also resulted in them being finalists in the UK Customer Experience awards.


“The results we’ve seen validate our ongoing aspiration to truly put the customer at the heart of our business. There is a relentless focus on listening to customers and more importantly, acting upon it – this passionate approach has demonstrated a continual improvement in key customer satisfaction measures.”

Phil Ost, Director of Direct & Partnerships
Zurich Personal Lines