The Power of Personality

Event Overview

Truly Top-Notch

Day One

You’ll gain a thorough understanding of ActNatural. Our Behavioural Change Consultant will guide you through filmed scenarios relating to customer experience, leadership, coaching and employee engagement.

By analysing the behaviours involved in each situation, you’ll learn to recognise the four key personality ‘drivers’ and common perceptions associated with each one. You’ll spend time on the practical application of ActNatural, understanding how we can adapt our behaviour to improve our relationships with others.

Only the Best

Day Two

Armed with a solid grounding in the theory of ActNatural, you’ll now learn how to deliver ActNatural training to others in an engaging and interactive way. Our CC will  explain the format of a day’s event and give you plenty of time to practise running key components, each time providing you with on-the-spot feedback and suggestions.

You’ll leave the workshop with a resource pack (including delivery format, event overview, handouts, films and transcripts of scenarios, log-in details to access electronic copies of all materials) and with the confidence to run your own ActNatural session to your clients.

Outstanding Quality

The benefits for you as a trainer…

Being licensed to deliver ActNatural gives you a powerful product to sell to your clients.

  • It’s a multipurpose tool applicable to all kinds of businesses in a range of situations: colleague to colleague, manager to team member, employee to customer.

  • Its use extends to the areas of customer experience, leadership and coaching, employee engagement and sales training.

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