The Dementia Difference – How can your Company become Dementia Friendly?

Living with Dementia is the reality for an estimated 850,000 people in the UK today. That’s one in 14 people over age 65! It costs the UK economy an estimated £26 billion a year and within 10 years, over a million people in the UK will be living with its life-changing effects.

These could be your employees and their loved ones and it will almost be certainly some of your customers.

Dementia can affect people in a number of different ways including with their communication, memory, vision, carrying out everyday tasks, orientation, as well as emotionally, however the important thing to remember that every person with Dementia is different. This is a key philosophy at Brand Biology where we forget the old saying “treat those as you wish to be treated” and develop Customer Experience training programmes that focus on the proactive elements of understanding and reading a customer’s needs in order to create personalised and meaningful interactions with them.

Time to do something about it?

The Alzheimer’s Society report that one third of people with dementia do not feel part of their community and here at Brand Biology we feel we can all play a part in being the Dementia Difference, helping people with Dementia to continue to receive the service they not only need, but deserve. Becoming a Dementia Friendly organisation will play a key role in differentiating your company from your competitors.

How can we as a company be the Dementia Difference?

There are a number of methods your staff and business as a whole can adopt to modify behaviours and service offerings in order to assist people with Dementia. These can range from clear communications and evaluating how your business environment may affect someone, right through to having open and honest conversations about dementia with your staff, raising awareness and making your business accessible to all.

With over 20 years’ experience in customer experience training, Brand Biology have teamed up with specialist Dementia trainers to create Dementia training programmes with a difference – using actors, we will demonstrate how to help your employees to become Dementia friendly and share real-life stories, facts, figures, truths and myths.

We are holding a Dementia Difference Showcase event in February 2018 (further details below) and would welcome your feedback on how the programme could work inside your organisation.

13th February 2018

2pm – 5pm

Amba Hotel Charing Cross, Strand, Charing Cross, London WC2N 5HX


Limited places available and are on a first come, first served basis

For each person who attends we will be making a donation to Alzheimer’s Society as together we face what is considered to be one of the largest healthcare challenge faced by the current and future generations in our society.

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