Empowering your people to deliver your brand

How confident are you that your organisation adequately equips its employees to fully embrace, and consistently deliver, your brand promises?

For many businesses, this question exposes a significant weakness. Research undertaken by CIM, reveals that just 27% of marketing leaders strongly believe they empower and train customer-facing staff to maintain the branded customer experience when things go wrong.

Furthermore, a separate study undertaken by Bournemouth University found that almost two thirds of UK employees don’t understand what their brand stands for and what makes it different.

Companies allocate significant time and money defining brands and differentiating propositions, as an established strategy to attract new customers and employees. This investment is supported by articulating brand aspirations through initiatives such as mission statements and value propositions.

However, this approach can invariably go wrong when the reality of the brand experience isn’t aligned with the promise of the brand message. Unless all employees understand the importance of the brand experience, and how on-brand behaviour relates to their jobs, they won’t have the capability to deliver your promises in practice.

“Employees make or break the company’s brand and, ultimately, the company’s results.” Libby Sartain (author and former Head of HR at Yahoo! and Southwest Airlines)

To deliver a consistent, brand-specific experience, you need to fully equip your people with the awareness, attitude and behavioural blueprint to authenticate your brand on a daily basis, regardless of the challenges they face.

Brand Biology specialise in integrating brand promises within the workplace culture; we’ll help you engage your people and bring your brand to life. Employee engagement, leadership, coaching, performance management, selling and the customer experience – wherever there’s a gap between what your brand is promising, and the experience that’s being delivered, we’ll create alignment to drive long-lasting behavioural change and real business results.

“More than any other communications medium, employees can breathe life, vitality, and personality into the brand.” Leonard L. Berry and A. Parasuraman (Authors and Professors of Marketing)

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