A round-up of our July events

In July we launched two of our new behavioural change events in Bristol – our Insurance Broker: Sales and Retention Masterclass and Dementia Difference workshop. Each event was designed to share the skills and knowledge of Brand Biology’s specialist trainers and offered attendees an insight into the power of their own personalities. Our trainers demonstrated to attendees how flexing their behaviours can result in a better outcome for their customers, learnings that they could then embed within their own organisations and day-to-day roles.

Following on from these events, in our latest blog post we round-up each event to help you understand more about the content that was covered, as well as share the thoughts and feedback of some of our attendees.

Tuesday 17th July - Insurance Broker: Sales and Retention Masterclass

Our Insurance Broker: Sales and Retention Masterclass is designed to give Commercial Insurance Directors and Brokers the insight they need to drive sales, retain customers and engage their workforce.

The event kicked off with our trainers explaining how the ActNatural personality model can deliver a differentiated customer experience, before giving attendees the opportunity to learn how to enhance their people’s sales performance and meet the bespoke needs of each customer.

The event was attended by Insurance Directors and Brokers from several different companies, and we were delighted to hear how informative they found the day. Attendees commented that:

“The course was a refreshing change from other sales courses I have attended. The pace and interaction were spot on, and the use of actors in the role play made these segments believable, and therefore helped in the learning process. Overall it was a very useful day, and I would be happy to recommend the course to others.”

“I learned a fair deal about my own personality and how others behave. I’ve done this many times before, but I always learn something new and the way it was delivered made it more impactful.”

Thursday 19th July - The Dementia Difference

The aim of The Dementia Difference workshop is to give companies the insight they need to make their business more accessible to all by helping employees to understand the role they can play in supporting customers and colleagues living with dementia - one of the greatest challenges we face in society today. The day started with our specialist dementia trainers Su Burns and Sue Brewin talking about dementia and what life for those that are affected by the condition is really like. The content of the event was designed to help attendees identify the tangible changes that their people can make to improve the experience of people living with dementia, and offer ways to help customers and colleagues that have the condition carry on doing everyday tasks. In attendance were representatives from local dementia charities and organisations including BRACE and both the Bristol and Bath and NE Somerset Dementia Action Alliances. Commenting on the event, one attendee said:

“I thought the workshop was excellent. It was presented by two very experienced trainers and two great actors. The content of the workshop was very relevant and the different aspects of how dementia affects people was clearly demonstrated. It was also useful to discuss these various points in a group.”

To find out more about the events that Brand Biology run and to register your interest in attending a future session , visit our website or contact our team of Brand Biologists today by emailing hello@brandbiology.com or calling 0117 922 1500. We look forward to seeing you at one of our next events!

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