National Customer Service Week - Skills (Don't Treat People The Way You Want To Be Treated)

When it comes to delivering the best customer experience, people need to know what they’re talking about. But besides having excellent technical knowledge, there are certain skills that are fundamental:

· Listening

· Empathy

· Patience

· Communication

· Problem Solving

And there’s money to be made if you get things right – 4 out of 5 customers are willing to increase their spend with a company in exchange for a better experience. However, some thought needs to go into how companies deliver it. In recent years, simplification and digital transformation have been a key focus for most organisations – sometimes overinvesting time and money in areas that the customer doesn’t even notice. If companies can instead identify the critical touchpoints – the moments of truth – where a positive experience can make a real difference, there is an opportunity to increase the value of their customers by over 85%.

This is where emotional intelligence comes into play – a customer service skill so valuable that it’s now taught in schools and might be “a better predictor of a person’s life trajectory than standard academic measures.” The reason for this is that the old adage of “treat others the way you want to be treated” is no longer fit for purpose. One size fits all doesn’t work because people have different personalities and want you to treat them the way they want to be treated. This is no mean feat, especially in high pressure or time-sensitive environments. But the size of the prize is huge as customers are crying out for more premium face-to-face interactions. In fact, as many as 74% of people are looking for a more human touch and, if done well, they’re willing to pay 16% more.

We can help with that. Wherever you are in your customer experience journey, we will help your company to bring its brand to life, define your values and the skills/behaviours required to deliver them. We do this using ActNatural®, our personality-profiling tool which helps your people to better understand themselves, each other and your customers – and will unlock your team's ability to:

  • Harness their individual personalities, aptitudes and strengths to enhance their performance

  • Adapt their techniques and style to meet the bespoke needs of each customer and deliver an experience that reinforces your brand promise

  • Recognise different personalities to deliver a differentiated customer experience that drives customer loyalty and advocacy.

To find out how we can inspire and empower your people to utilise these skills and deliver an outstanding customer experience that generates true brand loyalty, get in touch.

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