National Customer Service Week - Recognition

The last theme of National Customer Service Week is something that I could talk about for days. So instead I’m going to keep it really brief. Recognition is a management issue I can’t get my head around. Everybody likes to know when they’re doing a good job, everybody likes to know their manager values and understands them, and every manager should understand the theory behind recognising their employees. However, in almost every employee engagement survey across the land, colleagues are saying they don’t get enough recognition. Moreover, managers are worried (and warned) about giving too much praise. There’s a simple answer to this – be genuine. If you honestly think that thanking your staff for a job well done is going to stop them from working hard, you probably don’t know what motivates your people. Obviously there’s a line that can be crossed if you’re being insincere, but thanking someone has a lot of value and costs absolutely nothing.

I couldn’t talk about recognition without mentioning that we’re up for another UK Customer Experience Award! In 2017, we took home the Leisure and Hospitality award with Red Funnel for our ‘think like a customer’ initiative. This game-changing programme delivered improvements in all key metrics, including:


· Market share

· Passenger numbers

· Customer experience benchmarking (their rating exceeded the tourism sector average by 16 points and the UK average by 8 points)

· 113% increase in passenger praise and compliments

· Passenger complaints reduced by 16%

We’re really looking forward to presenting with BMW in the Best Customer Experience Training Programme/Project section next Thursday!

Thanks for reading.

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