2019 Calendar: Employee Engagement & Customer Experience

In an increasingly switched on world, our aim is to help individuals and organisations reconnect with what makes them human; activating a conscious and intentional change that is felt by the people that matter most. Whether that’s your employees, customers or as we would argue, both!

According to DMA Insight's Customer Loyalty 2018 Landscape report, 70% of consumers would like rewards to be more tailored to what they like.

Also stating that 78% of consumers show some loyalty to brands but 39% feel less loyal now than a year ago.

So how can brands encourage loyalty from employees and customers?

Making small changes to the touch points of a customers journey can drastically enhance your brand experience. There are several opportunities throughout the year to focus on appreciating employees and customers. We've collated a number of the best National Days of 2019 into one accessible calendar, focusing on celebrating human connections, wellbeing and fantastic customer service.

A few teasers:

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