Virtual Customer Experience Director

It's important to ensure that the views of your customers are represented at board level. At Brand Biology, we know that this isn’t necessarily a full time role, which is why we can help to create a truly customer centric strategy for your business by outsourcing a highly experienced member of our team to represent your customers during board discussions. 


Using our years of expertise in customer experience, we will ensure that the customer agenda is always at the centre of every strategy.


Service Aims

The aims of this service are to to:

  • Make sure that the customer is always represented in any business decisions and that they are always at the centre of your strategy

  • Use our expertise to reduce the need for you to employ a full time member of staff in a CX Director role

The Benefits for your People

The benefits for your people are:

  • They will be clearly able to see that their business processes and strategy are truly customer focused. 

  • There should be less unnecessary change and more relevant and specific change that allows your business to to deliver a real customer focus. 

  • Employees will feel more empowered and better able to deliver better customer experience as customer focus is there from the start

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